Debt portfolios; audits, valuations and collection of debt portfolios for pledgees and liquidators

Solutions for distressed debt portfolios

The services offered comprise:

  • Audit and advice
  • Valuations
  • Monitoring
  • Debt collection or assistance with the execution process

Scenario-based valuation

Scenario analysis is based on quantitative assumptions on future developments. How will the value of a debt portfolio evolve given different assumptions? These analyses are performed using special models developed by Mirus. Updating and optimising these models is a continuous process.

What is a debt portfolio?

Our activities focus on debt portfolios consisting of buyer credit in the B-to-B market. We devote special attention to the relationship between the financial institution and the borrower. A debt portfolio is often pledged to a financial institution.

About Mirus

What Mirus stands for?

The services offered by Mirus centre on debt portfolios and the related work in progress as well as guarantee positions. Mirus engages in activities involving all aspects of the debt portfolio.

Definition: a debt portfolio is a collection of loans relating to products and/or services delivered/to be delivered by the creditor to clients in the B-to-B market.

Our core values



Professional and personal

Responsive in specific phases of the process

Innovative in product development

Accountable to stakeholders about the results achieved

Debt portfolio: the puzzle and the solution.

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