About Mirus

Three angles

Mirus engages in activities involving all aspects of the debt portfolio and guarantee positions. But debt portfolios come in many shapes and sizes. So what exactly is a debt portfolio? A debt portfolio is a collection of loans extended in the B-to-B market to clients.

Our 3 distinctive approaches:

Debt portfolios as an object of financing: audit, valuation and advice

Debt portfolios as a concrete reflection of how the business is run

Debt portfolios as part of the financier’s collateral position: valuation and execution



The three approaches are distinct but complementary specialisations.

Broadly speaking, a financial institution can finance a debt portfolio (asset based finance) in two ways:
1. factoring, which is invoice-based financing, and
2. borrowing base financing, which is based on the total portfolio and a number of corrections.

As an independent party Mirus can provide an opinion on the quality of the debt portfolio as part of asset-based financing. In this way, we can confirm or challenge the financial institution’s – or company’s – assessment of the company’s debt portfolio. During this process, insight is gained into the company’s procedures, its arrangements with clients and general business approach. Actions that the company takes when clients fail to meet their commitments are also taken into account, as are the internal procedures used when assessing new clients.